IFA3 Liberation ModPack

WW2 addon for Arma 3

IFA3 Liberation ModPack

A collection of mods for Iron Front ArmA 3 from different authors in one package for maximum optimization. The main theme – the beginning of World War II.

Includes new tanks, weapons, guns, improved gameplay.






All news of the mod is published in the discord.

If you have ideas and suggestions or questions, everything is there.


Advanced Tank Damage Model

Based on real tank specifications.Realistic armor piercing of tanks and arrangement of modules and crew members inside the tank.

Tank damage effects

Aircraft damage effects

Effects of contusions

All players are concussed if a grenade or high-explosive shell explodes nearby. Concussion is accompanied by stun and blurred vision.

Screams of wounds

Additional screams for AI and players in three languages (Russian, German, English) when wounded. “Last Scream” at death.

Setting up a mod via CBA

You can configure all the scripts of the mod as you wish for the client and the server through the CBA settings.

In the game press Esc – Settings – Add-on Settings – IFA3 Liberation.



Multiplayer Compatibility

The mod is actively used on the Red Bear Iron Front server. Tested on games with up to 180 players.

If you find bugs, questions, requests – describe in discord.

Download IFA3 Liberation Modpack v1.1

version history


Necessary mods:

Example of running a mod in the game launcher

Рекомендуем моды

Additional mods that add even more content and develop the theme of start WWII

The main mod for IFA3 Liberation

Pack uniforms of the USSR and additional small arms

Pak uniforms of the USSR

Phones and radio stations for MP

MP projects

Where you can play with the mod

Red Bear Iron Front (TvT RP)

The RB Iron Front project offers players the opportunity to become a participant in the battles of the mid-20th century. You will have the opportunity to break through the Mannerheim Line, stop the German divisions on the outskirts of Moscow, take floor after floor in Stalingrad, beat the Germans in the streets of Berlin. And for those who want there is always a place in a landing boat off the coast of France, scorching hot African sun, or in a line of soldiers, with a cry of “Banzai”, rushing into a decisive attack.

The goal of the project: to play as realistically as possible the key battles and operations of the Eastern Front on the side of the Red Army. We are the only project at the moment in the game Arma 3, which wagering the red army on real tactics and structures in real battles and operations of the WWII, as well as with roleplay (wagering) of real fighters. At the moment the project exists with the support of reconstructors, modellers, kart makers and many other people. On our project you can get acquainted with the red army of those years, as well as find comrades in interest and games.


Shvetz - Main developer, models, textures, confing, scripts.

PIONEER - Porting to ifa3 lite, current curator, confing, scripts.

Jeg0r - models, textures, confing, logo, curator at the time of WOG IF

inversekinematic - models, textures (inversekinematic@list.ru )

Joarius - textures, a pack of flags.

Justfigter - textures, config, models

nuohep - textures, models

theOden - LG40

lyotchik-sniper - La7 port

Dmorok - textures, config, models

Fudge - motorcycle R71

KICKASS - knife, flashlight, katana.

Retro242 - BT-7 tank pack

unknown_gtx & Flax - compass script

RP Alan - confing

phoenixtreal - flamethrower M2 and Flammenwerfer 41

Flying Gang Studios - boat

Masterjak, CHooverShrimp - AV Simonova

CSA38(petrtlach) - small arms pack, Czech trucks, pak35.

IFA3 lite team - pack sdkfz222/234, Crusader, K5, Ju52

ANVIL team (Spoks,Martin,Krot,Kpoji4er) - textures, models, confing

WOG IF community - testing

Red Bear IF community - testing

[RATS]Arab - testing, military adviser

Thank you kju for the help in porting the mod and IFA3 lite team for a great mod.


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